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Unifii360 Shopify Connector

Whether your retail business is e-commerce only or mixes physical stores with a digital shopfront, Shopify is the number-one platform for building your presence online.

Many e-commerce sites use Shopify for their retail front end and an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to manage back-end functions like inventory management, fulfilment and returns. This creates opportunities for error and other inefficiencies as data must be entered separately into each system.

The Unifii360 Shopify connector automatically synchronises data between Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, eliminating double-handling and meaning that:

  • Time is saved, freeing staff to concentrate on value-adding duties
  • Information is accurate as there are no discrepancies between systems
  • Product creation is streamlined as entities are synchronised between applications
  • Price control is simplified as it becomes a ‘change once, update everywhere’ operation
  • Inventory management is automated, with real-time updates to the website
  • Customer information such as address updates and shipping information is synchronised between systems

Item Synchronisation

Our connector allows you to create items directly in Shopify from Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, or to create items directly in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central using predefined templates. You can manage prices in one place, increasing your organisation’s processing speed and accuracy.

Notify customers of deliveries

Online retailers can’t compete effectively without efficient delivery partners and systems. The Unifii360 Shopify connector integrates your logistics chain. Consignment notes and order status updates are generated and automatically sent to Business Central and Shopify. Confirmation and tracking details are sent to customers so they can monitor their delivery.

Returns and refunds

The ability to quickly facilitate refunds and returns is vital for any online storefront, to ensure customer trust, build confidence in purchases and encourage repeat business. The Unifii360 connector transfers refunds created directly in the Shopify webstore to your back-end systems for efficient and accurate resolution.

Order synchronisation

Accurate order creation and tracking help you manage stock levels, cash flow and sales forecasts. Shopify orders will be created directly into Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and enter the order processing flow with little or no manual processing. Customers and contacts are created automatically in either direction depending on selections made during setup.

Website stock updates

If customers can’t get accurate stock information about the items they’d like to purchase, they may go elsewhere. Real-time data exchange means your inventory records are always up to date. When an order is placed, inventory records are updated automatically. Price changes are automatically propagated to ensure accurate pricing at every point.

Payment integration

Fast and accurate order processing is a must for any business. Our Shopify connector automatically sends payment information to your ERP system. This avoids manual data entry and gives your finance team immediate insight into sales, returns and other activities.

Why choose the Unifii360 Shopify Connector?

We have features not offered by other integration solutions:

  • We allow for the synchronisation of products or variants – we don’t dicatate the manner in which products must be configured in Microsoft Dynamics
  • We synchronise full product details, including the image and the stock on hand
  • We allow orders to come in to a “cash sales” customer, or against a customer account synchronised from Shopify.